Slimline double glazing for static caravans

Double glazing windows for static caravans

When looking for an installer to install new double glazing windows and doors to your static caravan on of the first things to look out for is ” Are they installing the correct windows” .

We have over the past couple of years have seen a growing amount of Static caravans that have been installed with incorrect double glazing windows and doors , a number of installers are using odd leg profile household double glazing , which are far to heavy and bulky , the profile is also to wide for the narrow sidewalls of static caravans and so the window will protrude inside the caravan.

windows and doors for caravans
static caravan double glazing 
Above is a picture of a caravan that has been installed using household windows.
So when you are looking for an installer of upvc static caravan double glazing windows  
Make sure they are using the correct profile.
There are specially made windows and doors available that are designed with a slimline profile perfect for the narrow sidewalls of static caravans and park homes and when installed will enhance to look of your caravan and with a specially designed aluminium picture frame internal trims the finish on the inside is outstanding. 

double glazing for caravans
caravan double glazing prices 

  As you can see the specially designed slimline caravandouble glazing windows look great ,
There are companies that offer static caravan double glazing prices and a free no obligation quotation
After reading this I hope you are all a bit more informed …

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