Condensation on static caravan windows and doors ,

Condensation on windows of static caravans.

condensation on static caravan windows
condensation on static caravan windows 

Have you ever woken up to find the windows in your static caravan covered in water?

This water on your windows is condensation, condensation in static caravans is a common problem and it is formed when warm moist air comes into contact with cooler dry air. Many people put the blame for condensation on a fault with the windows.

This is not true, the reason why you see condensation on the windows in your static caravan is because the temperature of the glass is colder than any other surface in your caravan. As you sleep you are breathing out warm moist air, when you take a shower moisture is being created, when you boil a kettle the steam is creating moisture in the air.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to remove the moisture from your caravan without adequate ventilation, some people cover up the high and low vents this is a big no no , covering up the vents in your static caravan will increase the chances of condensation in the caravan and on the windows and doors.

To reduce the condensation on the windows in your static caravans there are a couple of options , place salt bowls or crystals around the caravan to absorb the moisture in the air , place dehumidifier in the rooms ( This could have high running costs ) make sure there is enough high and low ventilation in the caravans , change the windows to double glazing .
Single glazing windows in a static caravan will allways create lots of condensation , by installing new upvc replacement double glazing windows and doors in your static caravan you will greatly reduce condensation by around 95%.
Most static caravans can have double glazing windows and doors installed for more information, quotes for static caravan double glazing and prices or even a chat about what is
involved in installing new static caravan double glazing windows and doors give us a call on 01934 788886 or visit


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